Are you committed to stop smoking and enjoy all the benefits of being a non-smoker?...

Stop smoking easily with hypnosis

Stop Smoking Hypnosis is an effective and gentle way to stop smoking that is especially adapted for those who want to stop but may be concerned about withdrawal symptoms, gaining weight or restlessness.

Because hypnosis helps release habits and associations created unconsciously along your smoking life, this makes it  easier to quit.

At Healing Tree Hypnotherapy, we can help you stop smoking for good using hypnosis and mind reprogramming techniques.

Free Stop Smoking

for Under 25

Until June 7, 2020


In support of the "World No Tobacco Day” marketing campaign by the World Health Organisation, I will offer a free stop smoking treatment to one young smoker (up to 25 years old) who wishes to quit smoking.

If you want to benefit, please complete the contact form with reference to “World No Tobacco Day" or contact me on 07790 339 574.

What to expect?

To begin with, we will go through a questionnaire to help me understand your personal situation and assess any possible sticking points or major stressors for you. Among other things, we will address the triggers that prompt you to smoke, your smoking routine and your fears around stopping, so that you can experience none or very little withdrawal symptom

Each individual has different reasons for wanting to stop smoking and understanding these motivation factors will help you along the way. So, whatever your reasons for wanting to become a non smoker, we will tailor the session around your needs.

For the hypnosis part of the session, you will sit comfortably in a chair and be invited to relax. Essentially, I will use words to guide you into a very pleasant state of focus, concentration, and relaxation. Once you have allowed yourself to relax into a hypnotic state, I will use suggestions and metaphors to bring about a change at the subconscious level which will support you in your new life as a non-smoker.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and relaxing therapy that has successfully helped many people to stop smoking for good. Take a step now towards a smoke free environment and a healthier lifestyle.

Contact Healing Tree Hypnotherapy today by email or call 07790 339574.

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