Personalised Hypnosis for Sugar Addiction Program

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Are you someone who:

  • Always craves sweets?
  • Turns to sugary foods when stressed?
  • Eats sugar even when not hungry?
  • Is often feeling tired and turning to sugar for an energy boost?
  • Always wants something sweet after a meal?
  • Finds it hard to stop once you start eating sugary food?
  • Rewards yourself with sugary treats most days?
  • Drives or walk out of your way in order to eat sweet?
  • Have difficulty waking up in the morning and often crash in the afternoon?
Hypnosis for sugar addiction

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Our body and brain need glucose to run efficiently. But too much sugar is scientifically proven to be directly associated with obesity and linked to other health problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart and liver-related problems, depression and low energy levels. And it can also influence how much we eat.

Whether you would like to have more energy and mental clarity, are concerned about developing type 2 diabetes, are trying to manage your weight or simply think your sugar cravings have become out of control and would like to regain control of your cravings, hypnotherapy can help.

Beat the Sugar Addiction Program

This is a personalised hypnosis for sugar addiction program is  specifically designed to help you stop sugar cravings naturally.

If you have tried to curb your sugar cravings on your own, without success, using hypnosis for sugar addiction will make the change easier and faster.

In particular, it will help you:

  • Develop more awareness of your dietary habits
  • Reduce your consumption of sugar
  • Learn to manage sugar cravings
  • Change your habits around sugary foods

What's Included?

This 3 weeks hypnosis for sugar addiction program can be completed in person or online.

  • 3 x 1 hour personalised hypnotherapy sessions over 3 weeks.
  • A support MP3 for you to listen to between sessions to reinforce messages and help you to relax.
  • A list of guidelines to support your success.
  • On going support throughout and after the program.

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How to find hypnosis for sugar addiction near me?

This program is available in person or online where ever you are!

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