Change Your Mindset, Habits and Behaviour

with the Virtual Gastric Band

4 weeks Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

The Virtual Gastric Band


The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable weight loss program which helps you to return to sensible eating patterns.

  • There is NO diet to follow
  • NO thinking about food all the time
  • NO restrictions or cooking different meal

The focus is very much on listening to your body, noticing when you are full and act on that.

The programme helps you to be satisfied on smaller amount of food and lose weight easily and naturally, by successfully harnessing the power that every individual holds within them to make changes to their lives.

Hypnosis will give you a foundation for a life-changing new relationship with food that will enable you to achieve long-term freedom from excess weight and to become the person you want to be.

The trouble with diets...

There is no doubt that diets can be very effective short term. But science has now proven many times that extreme or exclusive diets simply do not work for those who are looking for long-term weight control.

To achieve real long-term freedom from excess weight requires sustainable CHANGE.

The use of hypnosis over a four-week consultation program can change your mindset, habits and behaviours around food that have been acquired over a lifetime

Whether your weight gain is new to you, or whether you have battled weight most of your life, hypnosis can change:

  • How you think about food, your mindset and behaviour towards it
  • Your habits and portions
  • Your choice of food
  • Your motivation to exercise

All without dieting!

Transform into a Healthy and Confident you!

Virtual Gastric Band

Hypnosis can help you achieve real long-term freedom from excess weight, and from all the problems that are associated with it in areas such as:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Confidence
  • Mental well-being
  • Identity

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Using the power of clinical hypnotherapy, I take clients through deep relaxation and focusing exercises that work to calm and subdue the conscious mind. Using these methods with clients over several sessions helps to retrain the brain to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. The focus is very much on listening to your body, noticing when you are full and act on that.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique which uses the power of hypnosis to:

  • Retrain your mind to be satisfied with smaller portions of food and lose weight easily and naturally
  • Change your attitude towards food and helps you regain control over cravings and bad habits
  • Enable you to lose weight naturally and consistently without dieting
  • Enhance your willpower
  • Remove the need to deprive yourself of food you enjoy and give you more control
  • Increase your motivation to be more active

Feedback from clients is that they find the Virtual Gastric Band program easy and that it makes them feel empowered. It helps them to regain more control over their cravings and bad habits around food.

The Virtual Gastric Band Program

The four-week weight loss hypnosis program can be completed in person or online.

  • 4 personalised hypnotherapy sessions over 4 weeks.
  • A support MP3 for you to listen to between sessions to enhance your experience and results, and help you to relax.
  • A detailed set of guidelines to support you during your program.
  • A personalised recording after the 4th session for long term success.
  • Unlimited email support throughout and after the program.

Sessions are usually a week apart and take around 1 hour, however the first session is 1h30.

Click here to book a complimentary no obligation consultation or call me on 07790 339 574.

The Virtual Gastric Band program is available in person in West Sussex or online in the comfort of your own home.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a great way to achieve your desired weight naturally and easily.

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