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Weight Loss Hypnosis Online Group

Achieve Long Term Weight Loss

Without Dieting!

For those who are tired of dieting and calorie counting!

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Special Offer
(Usually available as a 1:1 program only)

Would you like to change your MINDSET around food and stop sugar cravings?

Join me in this 4 session online program to help you win the weight loss battle and
Change into a Healthy and Confident you!

Starts Jan 25th 2022

£217  incl. VAT

Achieve long term freedom from excess weight

    • Have you tried every diet or fad out there without long term results?

    • Is serial dieting getting down?

    • Would you like to be able to lose weight naturally without dieting?

Whatever your situation, hypnosis can help you achieve long-term freedom from excess weight.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Whether your weight gain is new to you, or whether you have battled weight most of your life, hypnosis has the power to fundamentally change your relationship with food and excess weight for good!

"I have tried everything, I mean everything!...."

You may have tried every type of diets out there - only to find that they only work in the short-term. In fact, studies show that 90% of people who goon diets put the weight back on within 2 years once they stop dieting.

To achieve real long-term freedom from excess weight requires CHANGE.

Weight-loss hypnosis is not a short-term fix, it's about creating new habits and taking you from where you are today, to where you want to be, and remaining there!

How would it feel to

  • Be more relaxed around food?
  • Stop thinking about food all of the time?
  • Control your cravings?
hypnosis for weight loss

No More Diets!

The weight loss hypnosis program will  help you lose weight easily and naturally by changing your habits and mindset around food.

  • There is NO diet to follow
  • No calorie counting
  • NO thinking about food all the time
  • NO cooking different meals

The focus is very much on listening to your body, noticing when you are full and acting on that.

This was an amazing program and I really noticed the difference. The day after my first session I straightaway noticed that I no longer felt like snacking between meals which was a first for me! - Daniela

Program benefits

This 4 session hypnosis program will help you to:

  • GAIN CONTROL of your eating naturally
  • REDUCE your portions and be satisfied
  • DEAL with cravings and other challenges
  • DEVELOP healthier habits around food
  • INCREASE your motivation to exercise

What's included?

group hypnosis
  • 4 x 60min online hypnosis sessions over 4 weeks
  • Passive hypnosis mp3 for you to listen to between sessions to enhance your experience and results, and help you to relax
  • Active Alert Hypnosis mp3 to support you beyond the sessions
  • Proven weight loss guidelines to support you during your program
  • Unlimited email support throughout the program


The first 3 people to register will get a complimentary one to one follow session with me.

Dates and Times

WHEN : Jan 25, Feb 1, 8 & 15 2022

TIME : 18.00 GMT

Spaces strictly limited.

£217  incl. VAT

Why Choose Online Hypnotherapy?

This is an online group which takes place over ZOOM. This means you can take from the comfort of your own home!

This was an amazing program and I really noticed the difference. The day after my first session I straightaway noticed that I no longer felt like snacking between meals which was a first for me!


Weight Loss Program

This is so different... Without thinking about it, I am eating less and I feel confident the weight will continue to drop off. It was such an easy experience.


Weight Loss Program

The sessions and support provided were excellent and the benefits were evident almost immediately. So happy to find something that made me feel in control of my eating habits without making me think about food ALL THE TIME or have a list of banned foods! 

Emma - Surrey

Weight Loss Program

This whole process has been effortless and I wish I had tried this sooner. I feel more comfortable within myself and I also feel healthier.


Weight Loss Program

My biggest struggle with other methods has been having to think about food all the time. With this program I could eat what I wanted, just less of it, and the cravings were easy to ignore. 


Weight Loss

It was a great experience working with Christine on the program. It makes you think about your habits and improves your lifestyle for the better. Highly recommend.


Weight Loss Program

It was a great experience working with Christine. I have completely changed my eating habits through this program and it has felt effortless. My relationship with food has completely changed. Thank you Christine


Weight Loss Program

I have lost inches everywhere and have begun to crave a daily walk! The recording provided also helped my overall stress levels. I feel so much more confident in myself, thank you so much!


Weight Loss

The experience has been really positive and liberating. So different from calorie counting, fasting, constantly stressing about what foods not to eat that comes with dieting...I feel happier with the way I look and feel; more myself and back in control.


Weight Loss Program

If you have tried all other methods of weight loss without lasting success, I would highly recommend working with Christine.


Weight Loss Program

A far less difficult process than calorie counting for gaining control of your eating habits. In fact, relaxing and not a hardship at all!

Deborah Jane

Weight Loss Program

Christine created a very calming environment. I no longer think about food all the time, I feel happier about my weight, more positive about getting to where I want to be, even if it takes a while. The programme feels 'doable', the problems with my weight don't seem insurmountable anymore. 


Weight Loss Program

I found visualizing my goal very beneficial. I have lost 7kg (15 pds) during the program. It has given me a very good start to weight Loss and confidence building. Very comfortable and secure environment, caring approach.


Weight Loss Program

I found this program a very helpful and supportive and honest experience. It helped me understand that changing my mindset around weight is more helpful than counting calories.


Weight Loss Program

This has liberated my attitude towards food and stopped me from obsessing about meals. I have freedom from my 'diet' thinking. I enjoy my food and feel good about letting go of food I don't need to eat. Christine was warm and caring and I felt completely at ease with her.  I thoroughly recommend Christine. Invest in yourself and finally get back control and lose the weight.


Weight Loss Program

My thinking towards food has changed. I am more relaxed. I feel freer and am no longer looking to diets that promise you can eat lots if you cut things out or at certain times of day.


Weight Loss Program

As I was in my own home I felt very relaxed. It is a simple philosophy to follow and Christine is very understanding about my feelings over my weight. She is very calming and her technique just works - I've lost over 16 pounds to date (7 weeks from start) and know I have changed my mindset!


Weight Loss Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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