The Importance of Self-Review in Moving Forward

Setting goals

As 2021 is coming to an end, many people will have put together or will be preparing setting new year resolutions.

For some it will be personal goals, for other professional or business goals.

While setting goals is an important way to grow, taking time to do a self-review is equally important to help you make the next step.

Acknowledging the Good Things

For many, it has been another rollercoaster of a year but a lot can happen in 365 days. So while it may be tempting to focus on what did not go to plan, it is important to reflect on all the good that has happened.

Because even in the darkest of times, good things happen when we know where to look whether it may be the smile of a stranger, the fact that a simple admin task (perhaps considered boring) in your job helped someone in great need, the person who was there to listen, or the new learnings we got from a challenging situation.

This is why I often encourage clients to write a gratitude journal. Just writing down daily 1 to 3 things that you are grateful for or the positive things that happened on the day can help tremendously in keeping us in the right mindset.

So if you have been keeping a gratitude journal, take a moment to revisit your learnings, reflect on the things that surprised you perhaps and acknowledge this year’s “wins”.

For example, you may have not lost all of the 3 stones you set out to but you did not let yourself go back into the yo-yo dieting cycle. You may not have eliminated all the stress in your life but you now recognise it faster and have strategies in place to bring yourself back to calm easily.

And if you haven’t kept a gratitude journal, there is still time to make a list of the best things that have happened this year and the people in your life you are grateful for.

Develop Awareness

While we should always acknowledge the good stuff, it is just as important to be aware of what didn’t go right or what we failed to get done, and what gets in the way of that greater inner peace, confidence or wellbeing.

Whether it is a behaviour, negative emotions or a way of thinking, whether it is our current environment or past events, developing awareness is always the first step towards making positive changes.

How could you change something you do not recognise and accept as real?

Learning to Let Go

However, becoming aware does not mean beating yourself up for any past failures and missteps. While developing awareness and taking responsibility for ourselves is an essential part of change and growth, it is also crucial to forgive yourself and release the past.

Holding onto guilt or shame as it relates to challenges or failures you may have had this year will never move you closer to your goal.

So, instead, embrace those challenges and use them as inspiration for how you can continue to become the person you need to be to live the life you deserve to live.


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