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6 weeks relaxation classes programme starting in Sep 2019.

Limited places, please register your interest early to avoid disappointment.

The Restore Calm programme runs over a 6 weeks period (1h per week). The relaxation classes are designed to help improve health and wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety and restore a calm and balanced mind.

“A dedicated time and space out of the home to find peace and recharge”

The Restore Calm programme is for anyone who
- wants to be calmer and
- Feel more peaceful
- Become more aware and more resourceful
- Sleep better
- Enjoy life more

Whether you are facing a specific challenge in your life (family or personal illness, relationship issues, special project…), suffering from anxiety of panic attacks or simply juggling the demands of daily professional and private life, these classes will teach you ways to strengthen your inner calm and keep a balanced mind.

You will explore a variety of exercises and self-help techniques to calm body and mind, so you can discover what works for you. This will include a mix of
- Simple biofeedback exercises
- Guided relaxations and meditations
- Breathing exercises
- Body mind techniques

No previous skills required.

Cost : £72 (6 sessions)

My story

In my life, whether private and professional, I have experienced a lot of stress too, just like millions of people on this planet. There are lots of ways that you can reduce stress and anxiety. You may choose to do physical exercise, get involved in musical or artistic activities or practice meditation etc. Sometimes people prefer to do things alone, in their own time. And sometimes it is good to have dedicated time and space to let go of the tensions of the day.
Being in a managerial position or self-employed means you are constantly in the driver seat. And although I love doing things in the comfort of my own home and was grateful to find, many years ago, relaxation classes where I could let myself be driven.