Fear of Flying


It’s perfectly reasonable to be afraid of flying.

For most, this is limited to a feeling of unease at take-off or landing, and maybe a raised eyebrow during some in-flight turbulence.

For others, though, the levels of anxiety reach such levels that they become physically unable to travel by air.

This is aerophobia - fear of flying.

Common Symptoms

It is one of the most common phobias and its symptoms include:

  • high levels of anticipatory anxiety prior to a flight
  • bodily symptoms prior and during flying, such as hyperventilating, sweating, churning stomach and dizziness
  • avoidance of flying wherever possible
  • picturing of catastrophic scenes while flying that cause significant distress
  • impacting on relationships or work due to an inability to attend holidays or meetings
  • worry of loss of control when flying and fear of spontaneously opening the airplane door or drawing attention to self
stop panic attacks

Having a fear of flying can really get in the way of life.

If you find your fear of flying prevents you from travelling by air, or you do so but with great distress, there’s good news – aerophobia is treatable!

Hypnosis can help

Because hypnosis is an entirely natural modality, its treatment of aerophobia is non-intrusive and comfortable, and will help the sufferer to overcome the phobia in as relaxed a manner as possible.

Use hypnosis to:

  • relieve the excessive anxiety (panic) response when thinking of or being faced with air travel
  • retain rational control when flying
  • overcome your fear naturally without the use of medication


Life does not have to accommodate such fears.


Hypnosis will help overcome them and allow sufferers to live life free.

To get started, a simple initial consultation can begin to allay your fears, and educate you to where your fear comes from.

Finally, it will put you on the right path to a more comfortable and much more enjoyable flying experience.

Available in-person and online