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Is now the time to change?

Sometimes in life we know that something needs to change!

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I'm Christine and I help people improve their well-being, health and personal success, using a combination of mind-changing techniques including clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT/TFT, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing).

If you are ready to make positives changes in your life, I am here to help.

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In-person appointments are available based on local and national guidelines.

Perhaps you are looking for help with reducing stress and anxiety, moving on from trauma, increasing your confidence or self-esteem, losing excess weight you no longer need.

Perhaps you are tired of a long standing phobia or ready to let go of an addiction, like smoking. Or maybe you want to make positive changes at work, progress further your career, increase your motivation and focus.

Whatever your situation, these therapeutic approaches are powerful tools which really can deliver rapid and effective change.

Available in-person and online

Weight Loss

Stress & Anxiety

We provide Hypnotherapy for confidence as well as Hypnosis for confidence and motivation

PSTD / Trauma

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“I had suffered with severe anxiety about public speaking for many years and it only seemed to be getting worse. I went to see Christine and she made me feel so comfortable. After 4 sessions with her, my fear of public speaking has completely gone. I had to participate in an assessment day a week after our final session that involved speaking in front of a group (something that I usually wouldn’t be able to do) and felt completely confident! Would highly recommend to anyone that is suffering with something similar. She has completely changed my life and I feel heaps more confident day-to-day. Thanks Christine!”

Ellen L.

Public Speaking Anxiety

“Dear Christine, I came to see you about needle phobia and I don’t know how to thank you enough. I have now self injected 4 times, such a milestone and life change for me getting through the barrier”



“Dear Christine, I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me recently regarding my breathing problem. I felt you treated me very professionally and with great courtesy.”

Graham G


I had hypnotherapy online with Christine for a Needle Phobia, which I have had since childhood.

I had my first blood test today 29th June, which I had done with no sweats, no panicking, no legs wiggling & no tears & wanting to go home. So I would like to thank her very much for giving me  my freedom from having a PICC line in my arm. All the best.

Sue G.


I had no previous experience of hypnotherapy and Christine made me feel at ease straightaway with her calm, professional and supportive manner. I found the sessions extremely helpful and noticed a difference from the first session. Each session was well structured and I appreciated the tasks given to do each week, they gave me a support system that I desperately needed at the point in my life and I honestly believe that they helped me out of a really dark period. I will be forever thankful for Christine's expertise and I cannot recommend her enough. 

Alex W


Christine has helped me with my Needle Phobia, which I have had since childhood, Christine gave me Hypnotherapy on line. I had my first blood test today 29th June, which I had done with no sweats, no panicking, no legs wiggling & no tears & wanting to go home.
So I would like to thank her very much for giving me, my freedom from having a PICC line in my arm.

Sue G

Christine was great at helping to improve sleep issues. I found the hypnotherapy sessions useful and particularly liked the audios to listen to at home. But more than that Christine's holistic approach and advice on diet and routines has really helped.

Michele B


Christine has a fantastically calming and reassuring manner. I felt in very safe hands!


Creating Calm Program

I am very grateful that you put on this course, it has been a really positive experience for me.


Creating Calm Program

I just want to thank you Christine for this program it was very organised and I found it extremely beneficial. 


(Creating Calm Program)

I signed up for a Weight Loss group program. The sessions and support provided were excellent and the benefits were evident almost immediately. I no longer felt I was missing out if I didn’t eat certain things, I looked forward to the daily exercise and was more in tune with when my body was telling me it was full. I also looked forward to listening to the recording provided each day; it felt like a bit of ‘me’ time and helped me switch off after work. So happy to find something that made me feel in control of my eating habits without making me think about food ALL THE TIME or have a list of banned foods! My confidence is increasing and the inches are coming off.

Emma - Surrey

Weight Loss

I have been getting help from Christine for PTSD. Her approach and techniques have really helped me. I can't thank her enough.

Sarah W


This was an amazing program and I really noticed the difference. I had tried hypnosis before but it hadn't worked for me and I almost felt like I was sleeping. These sessions were so different to the ones I had before and I really noticed the difference. The day after my first session I straightaway noticed that I no longer felt like snacking between meals which was a first for me!


Weight Loss Program


Weight Loss Program

Christine was wonderful and made me feel completely at home, she asked simple questions but ones that made me think deeply about the answers and then we used these answers during the session.  I have to say that it's really helped to clear some things that have been holding me back in my business and I've found myself taking action without really thinking about it which is great. 

Thank you Christine it's really helped my confidence.



Christine has really helped me to increase my confidence with instant results. Christine was extremely professional and put me at ease instantly, she really understood me.

Thank you Christine, I would highly recommend you.

Jane L


Working with Christine in a one to one in-person program was a great experience. If you have tried all other methods of weight loss without lasting success, I would highly recommend working with Christine. I have completely changed my eating habits through this program and it has felt effortless. My relationship with food has completely changed. Thank you Christine


Weight Loss Program

It was a great experience working with Christine. It definitely makes you think about your habits and improve your lifestyle for the better. Highly recommend.


Weight Loss Program

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